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Texas State University
University Advancement


At Texas State University, we drive what's


It is our promise to help students unlock their true potential, to invest in inspiring faculty who push the boundaries of knowledge, to build visionary learning spaces, and to uncover the NEXT breakthrough.

The NEXT Big Thing


We’re excited to launch our NEXT IS NOW capital campaign. With your support, Texas State University is creating the NEXT big thing. Gifts from donors and alumni have fueled the university’s growth and transformed our future.
Because of you, NEXT IS NOW at Texas State.

Students NEXT is Each Promising Student

We attract hard-working, curious, creative, daring, and determined students. We exist to help them.
Next is Now with Student

Because of your generous actions, I will be able to focus on my studies and decrease the amount of stress when it comes to paying for tuition. I also appreciate everything that you have done to put this scholarship together to help young adults who choose to continue their education.

-Recipient of the Hobson Endowed Scholarship

student in lab

Academics NEXT is each Inspiring Professor

Our faculty are primed to have an impact, change a life, and make a difference in our students and the world.

Texas State University is driving what's next. Our research and degree programs, as well as our start-ups, are a catalyst for the transformation of this region and the world.

--Gene Bourgeois, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Athletics NEXT is each talented

We are here to help unlock the true potential of our student-athletes as they lead and succeed in creating the NEXT big thing.
football players

With the athletic scholarship you have provided for me, I was able to attend the summer classes I needed to stay caught up. It has lifted a huge weight off of me and my mom's shoulders financially, as we didn't know how we were going to make up that portion of my classes.

--Recipient of the Hackney Family Athletic Scholarship

old main

Campuses NEXT is our beautiful and cutting-edge facilities

We will continue to build visionary learning spaces, and uncover the NEXT breakthrough.

My aunt took me to see the Texas State campus and immediately, I fell in love. Here, I don't feel like a face in the crowd, a number in the system. I cannot walk anywhere on campus without knowing someone. My friends say that the Quad is my hometown because I seem to talk to everyone that passes me. I came here for the rigor and the beauty.

--Bobcat to Bobcat Scholarship Fund Recipient

GOAL $250 million

Now at $172 million

Join Us Inspired to Give

Since 2014 donor & alumni gifts have transformed TXST, changed the lives of our students, and put us well on the path to become a Tier 1 research university.
Next is now student

Case for Support

NEXT is ­a goa­l, ­gift, ­and ­promise. It’s how we move forward, continuing a legacy built on making a ­better tomorrow.
The Case for Support spotlights our vision and priorities for the NEXT IS NOW campaign.

For More Information

To learn more, please contact Dr. Dan Perry in the Office of Development at or call 512.245.4055.