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Texas State University Innovation Lab

SXSW 2020

by 5 p.m.

SXSW 2020

at the

Texas State University Innovation Lab and Reception
@ SXSW Interactive Festival
Sunday, March 15, 2020
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.




American Solar Car Challenge2019 Innovation Lab Teams

3D Archaeology

Department of Anthropology
Team Mentors: Center for Big Bend Studies + QUEST Archaeological Research Program (SMU)
Team Members: Sean Farrell, Janak Greene, Emily McCuistion, Tori Pagarro
Corporate Sponsors: National Geographic Society + Ancient Southwest Texas Project

3D models of artifacts and replicas of entire sites can be 3D-printed and used as teaching aids. These models can be created using photographs from simple point-and-shoot cameras, providing a tangible and experiential tool for outreach and future research.

Commute Relief 2.0 Bobcat Clean Air Project

 Department of Geography
 Team Mentor: Guixing Wei 
 Team Members: Shadi Maleki, David Mills, Niaz Morshed
Corporate Sponsors: Texas State Environmental Service Committee, AtmoVision

This community outreach project educates Bobcats, Texas State visitors and citizen scientists with a mobile application that provides real-time air quality monitoring.

Eye Movements in Virtual Reality: Biometrics and
Health Assessment

Department of Computer Science
Corporate Sponsors: National Science Foundation + Google
+ National Institute of Standards & Technology
Team Members: Henry Griffith, Dmytro Katvychuk, Dillon Lohr 

Using virtual reality technology, eye movement-driven biometrics can be used for health assessments to detect abnormalities and some diseases.

HEX Design dating apps  F.E.E.D.

 McCoy College of Business Administration, College of Fine Arts and Communication, College of Science and Engineering
Sponsor: Microsoft
Team Mentors: Hays County Food Bank + City of San Marcos 
Team Members: josh Avery, Cedrik Chavez, Samatha Hollensbe, Stephanie Long, Jose Meza, Stephen Rodriguez, Marissa Servantez, McKenna Strain, Zachary Turov

A prototype software system optimizes a food bank’s time and resources by efficiently collecting data about food distribution to serve more food-insecure households.

Happy + Healthy ToolkitKosmik Energy

College of Education, College of Liberal Arts
Team Members: Savannah Guillot, Jesi Leal, Yasing Lerma, Sarah MacNeil

A set of activities listed on cards targets seven wellness areas to focus on the whole person, improving the social and emotional learning in children and adults.

 FruitImpact of Intermittent Energy Restriction on Markers of Cardiometabolic Health

 College of Education, Department of Health and  Human Performance 
 Team Mentors: Hunter Waldman, Brandon Pigg
 Team Member: Liliana Renteria

 A set amount of time fasting and a set amount of time eating produce favorable changes in body fat percentage, blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels despite no change in caloric intake.

NASA Drifter 3.1 Biometrics

College of Science and Engineering          
Team Mentors: NASA Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit + Jacobs
Team Members: Kathrine Bilanski, Walter Bilanski, Daniel Ceballos, Blake Daniel, Dillon Lippe, Matthew Partridge, Brandon Robinson, Benjamin West

Students are designing a housing for a water quality sensor that will take and send readings electronically every 15 minutes. The object could be deployed into rivers or water sources to test whether s resource is suitable for human consumption.

Pockets for jeans  Pockets 4 Us

 College of Science and Engineering
 Materials Science, Engineering and        Commercialization Program
 McCoy College of Business Administration
 Team Mentors: Sabrina Rice, fashion designer,   and Erica Rasmussen, website designer
Team Members: Amanda Gregory, Chance Ursprung

Students are creating a better and more functional fit for women’s jeans. They have designed their first prototype pair of jeans.

Green waste solution Resurrection Bread 

Graduate College, Sustainability Studies and Communication Studies Programs
Team Mentors: Justis Vargas, Five Stones Brewery; James Wiley, baker; Laura Roy, Growler           Express
Team Members: Astrid Echegoyen, DeLorean Wiley 

A start-up bakery upcycles brewery and distillery spent grain to produce and sell a bread product at farmers’ markets. Their goal is to sell the baking mix to neighboring food banks and sustainable food centers.

STAR Park  Smart City Concept Garage System

 Department of Engineering
 Corporate Sponsor: Institute of Electrical
 and Electronics Engineering
 Team Members: Muhammad Ahmed, Rhylie Hoyt, Wesley Nicol, Case Winter

Installed in a standard garage, this smart system allows for multiple control options for the garage door, access to sensory data, web browsing monitoring access and a pipeline of data warehousing.

SXTXState and Media Innovation Lab

School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Team Mentors: SXSW, Hugh Forrest

In its 12th year, the student project publishes a SXSW Interactive blog, interviews panelists and executes a social media plan to promote the SXSW Interactive Festival.

Texas Economic Atlas Understanding the City of Austin through Data Visualization   

 School of Art and Design
 Team Mentors: City of Austin, Austin Design Week
 Team Members: Flor Barajas, Nathaniel Haefner,  Stephanie Long, Thi Nguyen


Data visualization is used as a tool to tell the story about life in Austin, helping stakeholders to interpret the data and take action in the community they live in.

Virtual Reality Training for Emergency Medical Services of Austin TX20

Department of Computer Science, School of Social Work, School of Art and Design
Corporate Sponsors: City of Austin + U.S. Ignite, Smart Cities
Team Members: Jose Banuelos, James Bellian, Dante Cash, Elijah Gaytan, Chloe Kjosa, Kayla Roebuck, Clayton Samper

The virtual reality simulation trains first responders for triage and to become familiar with specialty vehicles used in large-scale disasters. This realistic and highly interactive, virtual environment could replace expensive live training.

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Anna Chowdhury
Assistant Director
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Guests fill room at 2016 SXSW Innovation Lab

2016 Innovation Lab at SXSW Interactive Festival

Students presented their research projects and products in March 2016.

Virtual Reality demonstration

Virtual Reality

This virtual reality experience highlights the dangers of distracted driving.

Networked Weather Station

Networked Weather Station

This station transmits temperature, wind speed, direction and other data over a Thread network to a cloud server.