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1899 Scholars

1899 Scholars

When you make a gift to the Maroon & Gold Annual Fund, you are supporting the greatest needs of Texas State  -  positioning the university for further success. The Maroon & Gold Annual Fund supports the 1899 Scholars, a group of exceptional students who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership in our campus community. With nearly 70% of our students needing financial aid, the demand for heightened scholarship support is ever-increasing.

By giving to the Maroon & Gold Annual Fund, you help build a lasting scholarship that makes it possible for our future leaders to achieve their dreams. Scholarship funds signi­ficantly impact high-achieving students, giving them the help they need to fulfill their potential. Your support will help attract and retain top students, enhancing the university’s reputation.

Meet the 1899 Scholars

We are proud to introduce the 1899 Scholars. These remarkable students were chosen based on their academic excellence and leadership potential. As this endowment grows, so will the number of scholars it supports.