Materials Science and Infrastructure

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Hosted by Texas State University in collaboration with

Panama Pacifico

Presenting the latest in Construction Management, Research, and Smart  Materials Science for infrastructure projects.


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Panel Discussions

Over 150 participants joined us on the 22nd of June to hear from Texas State research scientists and industry experts from Panama. Webinar attendees gained information and insights from discussions on technology challenges, initiatives, and the science that can pave the way to success on various fronts.

Water - 42:18 minutes

Concrete - 46:07 minutes

Construction - 52:08 minutes

Infrastructure -58:44 minutes

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Thank you for attending the live webinar on materials science and infrastructure hosted by Texas State University in collaboration with Panama Pacifico.


Panama Canal

Panama Canal

The Materials Science and Infrastructure LIVE Webinar discussions included dialogue on computer science in modern infrastructure, 5G technology in buildings, concrete in the 21st Century, technology-based construction management, materials science, AI and IoT, and water management and use.

Texas State Education and Research Capabilities

Meet our materials science and infrastructure talent pipeline.
The goal is to build a stronger talent pipeline from academia into the construction industry and government — and set a shared research agenda that will meet the needs of the growing 21st-century infrastructure industry.

Leading in Civil Engineering

Our undergraduate and graduate programs are one of very few in the nation with a holistic emphasis on the application of technology to the life-cycle management of infrastructure assets. We call it “Technology-enhanced Infrastructure (TEI),” because not all technology is “Smart” but technology can make infrastructure better. Industry, both within and outside of Texas, has told us that this is the direction civil engineering must take in the future.


Sushmita Bhandari, '20

Sushmita Bhandari is originally from Nepal and graduated in the Fall of 2020 with an M.S. in Engineering.

Her work is part of the CE's TEI focus under the subject of "Asset Management."  Specifically, her work was to develop data analytics using the prestigious data source "Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP)", accumulated and managed by the Federal Highway Administration. Sushmita worked closely with Dr. Xioahua (Nemo) Luo (a postdoctoral researcher) and Dr. Feng Wong on her thesis project using statistical models and the analysis software R-Module. 

She is applying for a Ph.D. study in transportation engineering at several R1 universities. 

Sushmita Bhandari

Innovative Materials Science

Texas State has created a cutting-edge materials science, engineering, and commercialization (MSEC) Ph.D. program that will contribute to the research, development, and validation of materials to be used in the next generation of electronics, medicines, plastics, sensors, and renewable energy.

Camila Belduque Correa

Camila Belduque Correa

Camila Belduque Correa’s master's thesis project, directed by Dr. Jitendra Tate, is part of a larger collaborative research project on the development of composite materials through additive manufacturing techniques, a new manufacturing method that uses 3D printers to create parts that cannot be made with traditional methods based on the removal of material. Because parts made by additive manufacturing are often lighter and stronger, Camila is interested in applying her research to the aerospace materials industry.

Camila is an international student from Colombia. Her work is supported by the highly prestigious external P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship.

Computer Science Graduate Study

Texas State promises a variety of educational, professional, social, and cultural opportunities for its graduate students. The Department of Computer Science offers superior graduate degree programs to students seeking a Master of Science with a major in computer science.

The department also offers a Master of Arts degree in computer science. The MA in computer science is similar to the M.S. in computer science except that it requires a minor. These programs are designed to prepare students for doctoral research, college teaching, public school teaching, or careers in computer science as well as software engineering.

The Department of Computer Science at Texas State University is offering a 21st century applied computer science Ph.D. program that incorporates leadership, innovation, communication, and entrepreneurship to prepare students to navigate multiple career environments. The program is the first in Texas to combine the application of computer science practice and theory with entrepreneurial and commercialization skills.

Computer Science

Dillon Lohr

Dillon Lohr, is a doctoral student who studies eye tracking under the direction of Dr. Oleg Komogortsev. He is working on biometric authorization via eye movements using virtual reality and machine learning algorithms. His outstanding research project is supported by the National Science Foundation’s highly prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

Dillon Lohr
Construction Management

Online Construction Management

The construction management (CM) MS graduate program is offered 100% online or delivered traditionally on-campus. Graduates of this program will leave with marketable skills dealing with advanced project management principles and practices, critical thinking and creativity, and complex problem solving and decision making in construction projects. They will also be able to integrate information and communication technology in Construction Management. 

Concrete Industry Management (CIM) is a hands-on technology discipline that prepares students for a wide range of exciting technical and managerial careers in concrete and related industries. Texas State is one of four universities in the nation to offer this innovative degree program.


Ruben Villarreal

Ruben Villarreal’s research aims to develop new, low-carbon footprint Alternative Cementing Materials (ACMs) that are just as effective as -- or better than -- conventional concretes, thus reducing CO2 emissions. Under the direction of Dr. Anthony Torres and in collaboration with scientists from LaFarge Holcim laboratories in France, Canada, Mexico, and the US, Ruben will conduct a Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) and durability testing of the ACMs. Ruben is currently employed as a staff member at Texas State University.

Aquatic and Conservation Studies

The Aquatic Resources Master of Science Program at Texas State University is a multi-disciplinary program of study and research based on aquatic sciences and resources. This is a thesis-based degree program and students within the program receive their degree through the Department of Biology. Graduate students pursuing an M.S. in Aquatic Resources can select one of two areas of concentration for their course work and research: Aquatic Biology or Aquatic Systems. 

The M.S. with a major in Population and Conservation Biology is a research degree that requires a minimum of two years of full-time coursework and research leading to a thesis. The program is envisioned as an interdisciplinary course of study that combines principles of population biology with strong training in measurement and analysis of biological systems, augmented with the student’s choice of study in particular specialties.

Aquatic Resources

Alex Guzman

Alex Guzman is pursuing an M.S. In Population and Conservation Biology. He is working under the guidance of Dr. Chris Nice to examine local water samples for endocrine disrupters—chemical compounds that can disrupt the body’s hormonal systems and cause numerous health problems—by analyzing the biological chemistry of Gambusia affinis, a small fish native to Texas, commonly known as the western mosquitofish.  Gambusia acts as an indicator species, providing insights into the ecological health of local environments and the toxins present within them.

He is a graduate instructional assistant and is also supported by the National Science Foundation’s highly prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship Program. In addition, he has received a scholarship from the Hispanic Policy Network and from The Graduate College.

Alex Guzman

For More Information

To learn more about the Materials Science and Infrastructure LIVE Webinar, contact Ron Epperson in the Corporate Partnerships office at or call 512.245.7113.