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Big Ideas Selections

Dr. Gene Bourgeois


Today, I am pleased to announce the first round of Big Ideas selected to help launch our next comprehensive fundraising campaign.  The five selected projects are listed below.  These represent transformative initiatives designed to strengthen areas of strategic importance to Texas State University.


I want to thank everyone who participated in this process.  Your ideas and feedback helped identify projects that will spotlight the university‚Äôs strengths in research and discovery.  We anticipate additional opportunities to submit/resubmit Big Ideas on a regular basis during the campaign.


Over the next couple of months, University Advancement will partner with project sponsors to develop proposal materials to support fundraising outreach to begin this fall.  Each Big Idea selected included possible involvement of faculty from across the university if funded.  If you have questions about a project, or believe you could contribute to the proposed project, please contact the project sponsor or Dr. Dan Perry in University Advancement at (512) 245-2396 or via email at


Project Title


Materials with Intelligence

Edwin L. Piner, Department of Physics

Training with Augmented/Virtual Reality in Law Enforcement Areas

Pete Blair, ALERRT/Criminal Justice

Center for Data Science Solutions

Alessandro De Nadai, Psychology

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Shannon Weigum, Biology/MSEC

Creating a Healthy Future U

Melinda Villagran, Communication Studies/Translational Health Research Initiative



Gene Bourgeois

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs