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Posting and Distributing Literature on Campuses

Texas State’s current posting policy provides guidance regarding the display of any printed material on the university’s San Marcos and Round Rock campuses. 

The entire official policy can be found here. .

The policy outlines the following: 

A person or organization desiring to post on campus must comply with the following rules:

  1. Flyers or posters that reference the sale of goods or services are SOLICITATIONAL postings. Flyers or posters must be sponsored by a registered organization or campus department to receive approval for posting flyers. On the San Marcos campus, the office of Student Involvement is responsible for the approvals and will provide the stamp that shows the flyer is officially approved. For the Round Rock Campus, flyers or posters can be approved in the Student Services suite, Avery Hall 201.
  2. Flyers or posters that do not mention the sale of goods or services are called INFORMATIONAL postings. These do not require a sponsor or permit, but must still be approved and stamped by Student Involvement.

The policy further explains that violations include postings attached to:

  • A tree, shrub, or plant;
  • A permanent sign or other posting that has been properly posted;
  • A brick, concrete, or masonry structure (includes a statue or monument);
  • A utility pole or traffic light control junction box;
  • A fire hydrant or any object within 25 ft. of a fire hydrant;
  • A curb or sidewalk;
  • A building or wall (except on a bulletin board);
  • A bench or bus stop;
  • A dumpster or trash.
  • Flyers cannot be “wallpapered” to posting boards or cover any other postings.
  • A posting may not be posted if it will interfere with the free flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, is obscene or libelous, or advocates the deliberate violation of Federal or State law or a published university policy.
  • Any posting/distribution in residence halls must be approved by the Director of Residence Life.