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Lisa Fullerton

San Antonio

Lisa Fullerton, president and CEO of A Novel Idea, LLC (ANI), owns and operates five Auntie Anne’s and two Cinnabon franchises in San Antonio. She has been making taste buds smile since 2000 when she introduced hot, fresh, golden-brown soft pretzels to San Antonio, creating 80 positions of employment within ANI. The San Antonio Business Journal currently rates A Novel Idea the 13th largest female-owned firm in the city.

Her resume is filled with support for franchising and small business. Highlights include serving as a board member for Texas National Federation of Independent Business; board member and Public Policy Chair for the National Association of Women Business Owners; board member for the San Antonio Tourism Council; member of a San Antonio Business Coalition group developing white papers for issues that hurt small business; and an active member of two San Antonio Chambers.

Her business advocacy work includes trips with the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce delegation to Washington D.C. as the face of small business, testifying before the Texas Legislature and advocating against a Labor Peace Agreement in the City of San Antonio. Her company has cultivated a nurturing business culture by aligning itself with charitable partners with the same core values. A.N.I. raises funds for childhood cancer research and has sponsored matching grants to support the San Antonio Clubhouse, a volunteer program for adults living with mental health issues.

Fullerton received her bachelor of business administration degree from Texas State University in 1983 and has returned to mentor through the MBA program and has been repeatedly requested to speak on the spirit of entrepreneurial passion in the current economic environment. Her Texas State experience centered around balancing academics, volunteering and participating in Greek Life, which provided the foundation of hard work and community involvement.