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Bobcats to Bobcats - We're Stronger Together

The scholarship applications opened June 1 in the Bobcat Online Scholarship System (BOSS). 
Visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships page. 

Bobcats to Bobcats Scholarship Fund, We're Stronger Together

Many things have changed over the last few weeks, but one constant remains: Bobcats help Bobcats.  There is so much we can accomplish by working together for our students. If you'd like to discuss a gift, contact Dr. Dan Perry, Assistant Vice President, University Advancement at 512.245.4055, or email

Join the effort to provide scholarships to help students continue their journey at Texas State University

Now more than ever, students need the support of their Bobcat family.  Many of our students have lost their jobs as restaurants, retail and the service industry were hit hard by COVID-19. Their families are also facing potential losses of income.  We have thousands of students who will need considerable financial support to be able to return to Texas State University next fall to complete their education. 

We feel the deepest gratitude for the generosity of the Bobcat community as we come together to help our students through this time of uncertainty and disruption.

Scholarship Surprise

Forty-two Texas State University students were recently surprised with scholarship awards. The Edith and You-Kin Chin Annual Scholarships are awarded to every third-year physical therapy doctoral students in good standing. This unique scholarship started in April 2020 and will continue for five years.

“We have been blessed to have found and are benefitting from a rare program like the Texas State PT Clinic. Unless the student or their parents have sufficient resources meeting tuition costs can be stressful. It is not easy to have reached the final year of their studies. We wanted to 'reward' them with some funding which they would not have to compete for. We have been blessed and want to share that blessing.”

You-Kin Chin

Thank you for helping our students during this uncertain time. Remember to download and share the I Got Your Back digital decal and Bobcats to Bobcats logo on your social media pages.

Click HERE to visit the Show Your Support page and download a digital decal and logos.

Your Vital Scholarships Will Help Students Continue Their Journey at Texas State

Noah Lawrence

Noah Lawrence

“Thank you for making such a meaningful education financially feasible for me. It’s benefitting me now, and will in the future, and I hope that one day it will go to benefit the lives I touch as a result."

Jenna Carroll

Jenna Carroll

“I am very thankful to be a recipient of the scholarship. The generosity and support of this endowment is truly appreciated.”

Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore

“I’m honored to receive this scholarship so I can continue attending Texas State and become closer to becoming a music educator.”

Laura Sebile

Laura Sebile

“Receiving this scholarship has served as a wonderful opportunity for me. With the help of this scholarship I’ve been able to attend Texas State and pursue my medical career.”

We're Stronger Together